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    Question [Noob Question] Send complex Object to JSON Store

    [Noob Question] Send complex Object to JSON Store

    Hi there,

    I receive a Json object from the server and now I need to create a store for this.
    But the object is quite complex and I need a starting point how to think, to solve this.
    How would the model and store would look like so that I can add Ajax.Object in there?
    Can you give me an example to the following structure:

        IsSearch: true
        MyGames: Array (25)
            0: Object
                storedInFolder: 3
                Game: Object
                    jumps: false
                    runsOn: Object
                        Win: "007"
                        Max: false
                    details: Object
                        howGood: "10/10"
                        publishingDate: "12.12.1982"
            1: Object
                storedInFolder: 3
         ... (and so on)
    I have mainly problems with the objects inside the object and how to show this inside the model for the store. Here is a try, which did not work:

    Ext.regModel('ajaxObject.model', {
        fields: [
    Please let me know how to set up the model.

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    Not sure a model is the way to go when your JSON object is that nested. You might be better manually pulling down the object and loading into the store, something like this:

                url: 'url/getData',
                params: {
                    param1: 'someValue' 
                success: function (response, opts) {
                    // Decode the response into a JSON object
                    jsonResponse = Ext.decode(response.responseText);
                    var store = Ext.getCmp('yourStoreId');
                    // OR if store is configured with 'storeId' property, you can use 
                    // store = Ext.StoreMgr.lookup('storeId');
                    // Ensure you have results
                    if (jsonResponse.results) {
                        if (jsonResponse.results.length > 0) {
                            store.loadData(jsonResponse.results, false);
    Give that a shot, hopefully it gets you pointed in the right direction.

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    I have an issue with Json query.
    I am using Javascript, json and dojo for display. I have a grid where i display a set of records. I have filter option where i can customize by giving my own filter. If i give constructing json query like != as <> and *a* , it is working fine.
    My requirement is filter should also work for !=*a* which means it should return string which doesnt have letter 'a'.

    Please help me in achieving the same..Thanks.

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    Hi Kurt001.
    You can do it without problem with model definition and associations.
    Post me the json you want lo load (just give me one or two elements for big array) and I will write you an example on how to do it.
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