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    Default Touch and cookies?

    Touch and cookies?

    I have a Touch app that makes Ajax.requests to the (IIS .net) server...and while there, the MVC app communicates with a third party site...creates a session, gets some cookies etc., and now I need to redirect the Touch app to that site, with the cookies that I created. I have tried to redirect from the server directly to the third party site, but Touch is not liking that...not sure if you can redirect from an XHR request or not. I read where you should be able to..not working for me.

    Ideally, I need to return JSON to the client anyway as I need to know the result of the initial operation before issuing the redirect. So, I am thinking if I return the cookies in a JSON collection, I could just reattach them to the document object and make the request from the client.

    I also noticed that Touch does not have the Ext.util.Cookie class, can I simply use the one from 3.3, or do I need to just use Javascript to do this?

    Does this sound like an appropriate way to do this? Anyone know of a better way to handle this task? If so, I'm all ears Thx

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    I'm confused as hell about where touch ends and ExtJS begins. Some say you should never use ExtJS in a touch app, others imply that you can.

    On a lighter note, here is someone who has got sencha cookies to work.

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