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    Default Gridpanel does not resize height upon data reload

    Gridpanel does not resize height upon data reload

    Ext JS 4 Beta 2

    I have this gridpanel into which I add data using a form. The problem is that after a new record is inserted and I load the store, the height of the gridpanel remains the same as it was when the page was initially loaded. The newly added record gets hidden as the grid continues to show only the original number of rows. I guess autoHeight is no longer available.

    Another problem is that the gridpanel does not show the scroll bars even if I set the autoScroll property to true.

    I never had these issues with version 3.

    Anybody know of any solutions?

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    I'm having this same issue in Beta 3, any idea how to force the resize? (resizing the browser window actually does seem to force the grid resize, but it's not done automatically on data changes)

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    I am also having this issue (bug) in b3.

    Yet again this demonstrates why autoHeight is so important for grids. Grids do have dynamic content and variable heights.

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