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    Red face ExcelPanel(for IE5+,windows,office2000+ only)

    ExcelPanel(for IE5+,windows,office2000+ only)

    I created this components 1 years ago and post some details in my blog,and then I show it here.
    ExcelPanel can:
    1\ open a new excel sheet
    2\ load a existing excel file
    3\ set values to some cells
    4\ get values from some cells
    5\ zoom in/out
    6\ save as named excel file
    7\ print and preview

    and the most features in microsoft excel.
    Because It's a real excel in IE browser.
    open a new sheet
    load a excel file
    save as file
    get value from cell


    the source and demo:
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    Default Wou!


    Look´s great! (+1)

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