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    Default ColumnTree - migration path?

    ColumnTree - migration path?

    Is there a migration path defined for those of us who've made use of Ext.ux.tree.ColumnTree?

    The alternative that we had previous set aside (for performance reasons, if I remember correctly) has been pulled into the core code ("Ext.ux.tree.TreeGrid is no longer a Ux. You can simply use a tree.TreePanel").

    What about ColumnTree? A great deal of code has been built upon this implementation, and I'd love to hear that a migration path exists. Otherwise, we have to migrate it ourselves or move to the new TreePanel implementation.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I too made use of the column tree ux in ext 3. However, I will be deprecating that code and moving to trees with multiple columns as outlined in the guide.

    After all, why would you want to maintain extra code on top of a great framework that already provides that functionality?

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