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    Default iOS Theme

    iOS Theme

    Does anyone know of an existing iOS theme for Sencha Touch? I looked at all of the example apps I could find and searched all over the forums / web, but no luck.

    I've looked at the "Apple" theme included, but there's not much there, and what is there, the details aren't quite right. My goal is to make my app look as close as possible to a native iPad app, such as the mail app. I'm looking for a theme that has the correct styles for transient popovers, dialogs, buttons, rounded corners on master/detail panel toolbars, with the authentic highlights, shadows, gradients, transparencies, et cetera.

    It seems there would be a lot of demand for this theme in particular. I'm attempting to build my own, but it's a pretty daunting task.

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    Did you ever find one..? I would pay for a clean iOS theme...

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