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    Default RowNumberer doesn't show numbers over 99 in Google Chrome

    RowNumberer doesn't show numbers over 99 in Google Chrome


    I'm having trouble with Ext.grid.RowNumberer in Google Chrome. When the store of the GridPanel I'm using it with has more than 99 records in it, the RowNumberer shows only dots for them instead of the correct numbers. In Firefox everything works fine.

    So, is it a common Ext Js bug or am I doing something wrong?


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    Hi, I need to digg this thread up, anybody has any solution to this issue/bug? Problem occurs when u have grid that has dynamic amount of rows (in order what kind of data are loaded) so u can have 30 records or 30000 record in the same grid. Instead of cutting part of number (eg. 12...) RowNumberer should have resizable property or support width: 'auto'. Maybe there is also need to modify column properties?

    This is RowNumberer renderer:
    renderer : function(v, p, record, rowIndex){        if(this.rowspan){
                p.cellAttr = 'rowspan="'+this.rowspan+'"';
            return rowIndex+1;
    Maybe there is a need to modify rowspan?

    In Ext 4.x we can create RowNumberer object and set properties. Any solution in Ext 3.x ?


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