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    Default Model Field Value Change Event

    Model Field Value Change Event

    Wondering how others are handling situations where you'd like to know if the value of a Model's field changes?

    One solution is to override the Model's afterEdit method.
    PHP Code:
        afterEdit: function() {
    me this;
    Ext.Object.each(me.modified, function(keyoldValueself) {
    oldValue) {    
    me.fireEvent(key+'modified'meme.get(key), oldValue);
    Here's another solution that leverages the store's 'update' event which is fired in the model's afterEdit method.
    PHP Code:
        listeners: {
    update: function(storerecordmodelOperation) {
    modelOperation === 'edit') {
    Ext.Object.each(record.modified, function(keyoldValueself) {
    oldValue) {    
    record.fireEvent(key+'modified'meme.get(key), oldValue);
    With either approach I can setup listeners for fieldnamemodified events on the model. Its not bad but it seems Ext.data.Field should have an event like this.
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