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    Default JS and CSS files compress using JSBuilder

    JS and CSS files compress using JSBuilder

    Quote Originally Posted by eyalfx View Post
    fx-mike , you are right. it does work as is.
    I was trying to use the one downloaded from the website which is jsbuilder2.
    Anyways, thanks a lot for you help.
    problem solved
    I am using JSBuilder-2.0.3 to compress the JS and CSS files which is used in my application.
    While compressing the following issue came,

    D:\Murali\JSBuilder-2.0.3>java -jar JSBuilder2.jar --projectFile D:\Murali\ext-3.4.0\ext.jsb2 --homeDir D:\Murali\

    System default encoding is Cp1252.
    Using the 'Cp1252' encoding
    Loading the 'Ext JS' Project
    Loaded 43 Packages
    Using the 'ext-3.4+' package name as deploy directory.
    at<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.extjs.FileHelper.readFile(
    at com.extjs.FileHelper.copyFileText(
    at com.extjs.JSBuilder2.createTargetsWithDeps(
    at com.extjs.JSBuilder2.main(
    Failed to create target with package dependencies.
    Writing headers...
    Compressing output files...
    Removing temporary files...

    FYI : I have attached the screenshot of this Command prompt error message.
    Please provide a solution for this issue.
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