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    Question GXT DB Driven Dynamic Menu

    GXT DB Driven Dynamic Menu

    Hi all,
    Is there any one who can help me to provide me the information about how to develop Database Driven Dynamic menu????
    Please help me to give me any information.....

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    try this code....

    <sqletDataSource var="db" url="jdbc:hsqldb:db/menu"
    driver="org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver" user="sa" password=""/>

    <sql:transaction dataSource="${db}">

    DROP TABLE menu_item IF EXISTS
    CREATE TABLE menu_item (
    id BIGINT not null,
    parent_name VARCHAR(30),
    name VARCHAR(30),
    title VARCHAR(30),
    description VARCHAR(50),
    location VARCHAR(255),
    target VARCHAR(10),
    onclick VARCHAR(100),
    onmouseover VARCHAR(100),
    onmouseout VARCHAR(100),
    image VARCHAR(50),
    altImage VARCHAR(30),
    tooltip VARCHAR(100),
    roles VARCHAR(100),
    page VARCHAR(255),
    width VARCHAR(5),
    height VARCHAR(5),
    forward VARCHAR(50),
    action VARCHAR(50),
    primary key (id)

    <sql:update var="updateCount">
    INSERT INTO menu_item
    (id, name, title)
    (1,'DatabaseMenu','Database Menu')
    <sql:update var="updateCount">
    INSERT INTO menu_item
    (id, parent_name, name, title, location)
    (2,'DatabaseMenu','Yahoo','Yahoo Mail','http://mail.yahoo.com')
    <sql:update var="updateCount">
    INSERT INTO menu_item
    (id, parent_name, name, title, location)
    <sql:update var="updateCount">
    INSERT INTO menu_item
    (id, name, title, location)
    (4,'StandaloneMenu','Standalone Menu','http://raibledesigns.com')
    <sql:query var="menus">
    SELECT * FROM menu_item order by id;


    <strong>DONE:</strong> successfully created menu_items table and
    added the following entries.

    <display:table name="${menus.rows}" class="list" style="width: 600px">
    <display:column property="id"/>
    <display:column property="name"/>
    <display:column property="parent_name" title="Parent Name"/>
    <display:column property="title"/>
    <display:column property="location"/>
    Now let's build a Menu definition with this data. Below is the Java scriplet code that is used to build this menu.
    In a well-architected application, you might pull the data from the database using Hibernate, iBATIS, or JDBC. You could then use a Business Delegate for your who-sees-what logic and call the Delegate from a ServletFilter, a ServletContextListener or a Login Servlet.
    ---- begin scriplet code ----
    // I had issues using the existing repository - creating a new one
    // seems to solve the problem. If you figure out how to use the default
    // Repository and keep your menus from duplicating themselves - please
    // let me know!

    MenuRepository repository = new MenuRepository();
    // Get the repository from the application scope - and copy the
    // DisplayerMappings from it.
    MenuRepository defaultRepository = (MenuRepository)

    Result result = (Result) pageContext.getAttribute("menus");
    Map[] rows = result.getRows();
    for (int i=0; i < rows.length; i++) {
    MenuComponent mc = new MenuComponent();
    Map row = rows[i];
    String name = (String) row.get("name");
    String parent = (String) row.get("parent_name");
    System.out.println(name + ", parent is: " + parent);
    if (parent != null) {
    MenuComponent parentMenu = repository.getMenu(parent);
    if (parentMenu == null) {
    System.out.println("parentMenu '" + parent + "' doesn't exist!");
    // create a temporary parentMenu
    parentMenu = new MenuComponent();

    String title = (String) row.get("title");
    String location = (String) row.get("location");
    pageContext.setAttribute("repository", repository); ---- end scriplet code ----
    Now that we've built our menu repository, we can easily display it with the following code:
    <menu:useMenuDisplayer name="ListMenu" repository="repository">
    <menu:displayMenu name="DatabaseMenu"/>
    <menu:displayMenu name="StandaloneMenu"/>
    </menu:useMenuDisplayer> Which results in:

    You could also grab the menu names dynamically from the repository and loop through them using JSTL's <c:forEach> tag:
    <menu:useMenuDisplayer name="Velocity" config="/templates/xtree.html"
    <c:forEach var="menu" items="${repository.topMenus}">
    <menu-el:displayMenu name="${menu.name}"/>


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