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    Default Bancha - Seamlessly integrate with CakePHP

    Bancha - Seamlessly integrate with CakePHP

    Bancha integrates ExtJS 4 and Sencha Touch with the light-weight PHP-MVC-­Framework CakePHP 2.

    Basically it:

    • handles all communication between server and client
    • shares all Schema and validation rules in CakePHP with ExtJS/Sencha Touch
    • enables asynchronous and batched request to the server
    • automatically implements CRUD for all remotable cake models
    • is well-tested with PHPUnit and Jasmine

    For ExtJS & Touch Developers

    Bancha provides a simple interface to create models. These models get all fields, validations and associations and a fully configured proxy from the server.

    Just use Bancha.onModelReady('User', callback); and Bancha does the rest.

    We would appreciate any comments and ideas.

    For more Information:
    - follow us on twitter @banchaproject
    - see the examples
    - read our dokumentation
    - read the JS API Docs
    - get the code

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