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    Default Bug in JsonStore ?

    Bug in JsonStore ?

    This is at Ext JS 3.3.0

    I have a remote store in a Combo, it is really quite simple but is generic because the description comes from the server in the responce:

    I can reload the JsonStore in a listener ({params:{query:"R1R1ID"}}); ) and the servers JSON response is the following:

    {"metaData":{"totalProperty":"totalRows","root":"rows","id":"XVXRID","fields":[{"name":"RRN"},{"name":"XVXRID"},{"name":"select"}]},"totalRows":1,"rows":[{"RRN":1126,"XVXRID":"R1R1ID","select":"R1R1ID    Dimension Project"}]}
    It really works fine, combo values are updated when it is loaded or selected.

    But now I am trying to read what's in the JsonStore in a listener in the combo (change) and here comes trouble because it is trowing tons of code back:

    ,change: {
    	fn:function(combo, value) {
    		alert('Total records: ';  // return a nice alert with 1 record in the store
    		alert(inspect(, 5, 1)); // should return a record but returns much more
    Here is the result of ....
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