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    Default Answered: Tree menu handle failure calls on store

    Answered: Tree menu handle failure calls on store

    I have a simple tree menu defined with a store attached. The store calls an url for the response containing the items it has. If the user is not logged in the servers responds:
    {"message": "Invalid permissions", "data": {}, "success": false}
    My question is: how do I handle this response to catch it in a failure type method as a callback probably and show the user that error message or maybe redirect him to the login page.

    My tree is as follows:

    Ext.define('AP.view.layout.MenuTree' ,{
    	alias : 'widget.mainMenuTree',
    	extend: 'Ext.tree.Panel',
    	border: false,
    	useArrows: true,
    	rootVisible: false,
    	initComponent: function(){
    		Ext.apply(this, {
    			viewConfig: {
    				getRowClass: function(record) {
    					if (!record.get('leaf')) {
    						return 'group ';
    					return record.get('cls');
    			store: Ext.create('', {
    				model: 'Menu',
    				proxy: {
    					type: 'rest',
    			                url : AP_ROOT_URL + 'menu/',
    			                reader: {
    			                        type: 'json',
    			                        successProperty: 'success'
    I see it has a successProperty but how do I catch the failure message?

  2. You should be able to inspect everything about the server response in that callback.

    If you'd prefer to grab the data in a different place with less work to get to the response, you can add a listener to your store's proxy. I'm guessing you might be using an Ajax proxy:!...vent-exception

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