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    Default Answered: Making scrollbar visible all the time

    Answered: Making scrollbar visible all the time


    I wonder if there's a way to make the scrollbar of a list/panel visible all the time? I mean that the scrollbar should not only be visible when I touch the panel.

    Any ideas?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by gulsan View Post
    Thank you for your quick answer andreacammarata =)

    But there's still one thing that bothers me. With the code you provided I have still to touch the panel for once. So is it also possible to show the indicators even without touching the panel for once? Say as soon as I get to see the panel I want to see the scroll indicators as well.
    You are welcome gulsan
    I personally don't like your choose to show you the scrollbars all the time, but if you want do that, and you want to show them from the beginning, you can do that like follow:

    Ext.regApplication('Sample,', {
        launch: function() {
            Ext.override(Ext.util.Scroller.Indicator, {
                hide: function() {
                    var me = this;
                    if (this.hideTimer) {
                    return this;
            var viewport = new Ext.Panel({
                fullscreen: true,
                scroll: 'vertical',
                html: 'My Panel',
                listeners: {
                    afterRender: function(pnl){
                        //Getting the ScrollView
                        var sw = pnl.scroller.scrollView;
                        //Updating the vertical scrollbar size
                        //Show the indicators
    Hope this helps

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