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    Question [ExtDesigner + ExtJs4][Help] Grid Filter + ExtDesigner Ui

    [ExtDesigner + ExtJs4][Help] Grid Filter + ExtDesigner Ui

    Hi guys, really good how ExtJs4 and ExtDesigner are becoming really powerfull tools for a RIA development.

    But I'm here to ask for some help heheh...

    I'm huge fan of ExtDesigner, and i dont like to create things on ExtDesginer and other things on
    the implementation script...
    My problem:
    I'm trying to create a Grid with the filter plugin

    I'm trying to make the filters only for the 'person_id' column

    on the implementation script I create the filters var:
    var filters = {
                ftype: 'filters',
                encode: false,
                local: true,
                filters: [{
                    type: 'numeric',
                    dataIndex: 'person_id'
           var numbercolumn = Ext.ComponentQuery.query("numbercolumn");// get the numbercolumn('person_id')
            Ext.apply(numbercolumn, {
                filterable: true,
                filter: {
                    type: 'numeric'
            Ext.apply(me.Grid, {
                features: [filters]
    App requires:

    requires: [
    No success result on this one =\

    Could someone help me...
    My most problem on the implementation is override ui configs,
    and i think the problem there is just that!

    Thanks \o

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    Look at the end of this thread:

    At least works for me.

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