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    Default Answered: Desktop - Toolbar Item Menu

    Answered: Desktop - Toolbar Item Menu

    Hey there,
    I am working on a web desktop application and have run into a problem when trying to dock the toolbar to the top of the desktop instead of the bottom. When I right click on a docked item the menu opens upward and off the viewport. I am trying to get the menu to open downward so the buttons are visible. I thought that it might be an issue with the constrain on it, so I set up a listener that would set constrain to false when the menu was opened. This ended up not being the issue. Does anyone have advice on what I should change in the menu's config, or should I be changing something else? Any help is appreciated.


    menuAlign : String
    The position to align the menu to (see Ext.Element.alignTo for more details).
    Defaults to: "tl-bl?"

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