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    Default Answered: Add icon to textfield like useClearIcon

    Answered: Add icon to textfield like useClearIcon

    Can I add a button or icon to an inputfield to fire an Event ? Or can I override the useClearIcon function and change the icon ?

    I load a form to show some information and want to add for special textfields a more button. My textfield is read only.

    for example

    { xtype: 'textfield',
      id: 'resultcard_textfield_etd_atd_dp',
      name : 'etd_atd_dp',
      label: 'ETD*-ATD',
      listeners: {
               afterrender: function(ele) {
                   ele.fieldEl.dom.readOnly = true;        
                   ele.labelEl.update('<span class="font_second_color">ETD*-</span><span class="font_first_color">ATD</span>');                        }
    Has some one a great solution for this ?

  2. It's all in the render tpl... look at the source for the text field

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