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    Default Unanswered: Animating BorderLayout Region Collapse/Expansion

    Unanswered: Animating BorderLayout Region Collapse/Expansion

    I saw a thread from over a year ago in which Sven mentioned that animation for border layout regions might be on the roadmap. Has this been implemented? I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get this to work and I haven't been able to.

    I've used the BorderLayoutContainer collapse method which doesn't animate, and I've tried getting the XElement and using FxElement like so:
    container.getSouthWidget().getElement().<FxElement> cast().slideIn(Direction.UP);
    My primary use case has been: click on a row in a grid and have the details for the item animate up from the south. I would also like to be able to click "create new" and have the new item form slide in from the right. I have been able to get the entire center region of a border layout to slide left. I'm hoping that it is possible to slide in another region simultaneously. I don't understand yet how animation works under the hood - whether or not it would be possible to have two animations occurring simultaneously in a synchronized fashion.

    Thank you for any hints!

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    Without digging into the BorderLayoutContainer in 3, I can't address the first part of your question, but I can answer the last part: multiple animations started at the same time will run concurrently. If you want one animation to follow another, you will need to wait until the first has finished to begin the second.

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