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    Question How to set Sprite client ID?

    How to set Sprite client ID?

    Scenario: Create a chart with few sprites
    Enter firebug (or page source) and you will see that there is no client ID or any editable unique client ID.
    Screen shot attached, the selected text:

    <circle cx="0.0" cy="0.0" r="8.0" fill="url(#gradiantRed)" transform="matrix(3.66667, 0, 0, 3.66667, 977.444, 184.571)" stroke="rgb(128, 128, 128)" stroke-width="0.1" fill-opacity="1.0">

    Sprite or any extended Classes does not contain any SetID property.
    Because of that Selenium can not recognize that component.
    Is there any way to enter client ID to sprite object?
    Thanks in advance.

    Environment: GXT3.0Beta2, FireFox 8.01 & Chrome


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    Alright I have added a setId(Sprite, String) method for DOM based surface engines like SVG and VML. It currently is in SVN and will be in the next release.

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