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    Default Unanswered: Conditional CSS in XTemplate

    Unanswered: Conditional CSS in XTemplate

    In an XTemplate I have a boolean that determince if a css name should be present in a div or not.
    But I get the following error message

    [ERROR] [gxt3test] - SafeHtml used in a non-text context. Did you mean to use java.lang.String or SafeStyles instead?

    public class TemplTest { public interface Renderer extends XTemplates {
      @XTemplate(source = "template.html")
      public SafeHtml render(boolean css,Style style);
     interface Resources extends ClientBundle {
      Style css();
     interface Style extends CssResource {
      String test();
     public TemplTest() {
      Renderer renderer = GWT.create(Renderer.class);
      final Resources resources = GWT.create(Resources.class);
      Style style = resources.css();
      SafeHtml html = renderer.render(true,style);
    <div class='<tpl if='css'>{style.test}</tpl>'></div>
    .test {
        position: relative;

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    I was having this issue with GWT this morning. Here is the deal:

    "<div style=\"{0}\" class=\"{2}\"><label debugId=\"{3}\">{1}</label></div>"

    * {0} is a style, so must be a SafeStyles type
    * {1} is the content of an HTML element, so must be SafeHtml type
    * {2} is the a class name, not HTML or a style, so must be String type
    * {3} is the a non-standard attribute, not HTML or a style, so must be String​ type

    Your error is being caused by the 2/3 cases. It is not documented well but should fix your issue.

    Seems odd to me, since you could do an injection attack here like {2}=' " /><evilHtml/><div ' Not sure why the don't let you escape the classnames.


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    Olaus: This is one part a limitation with XTemplates, stemming from the fact that we build on GWT's SafeHtmlTemplates, and one part 'not valid xml' - you can't put a template tag within the body of another tag.

    Instead, a few other options:
    * Make the String parameter to your template optionally blank to leave out the class name
    * Make two divs, each with its own <tpl> parent, one for the positive case, one for the negative.
    * (not always possible) Add the css class after the template has rendered.

    twisted_pear: I think you'll find that won't actually work - If it is a String being inserted, GWT will make the necessary changes to prevent this from escaping the attribute.

    Along these same lines, I don't believe it will allow SafeHtml to be inserted within the tag body of another tag, only between two existing tags. Additionally, if there is a SafeHtml object with the contents
    " /><evilHtml/><div
    then your app has escaped something that shouldn't be escaped, or GWT's SafeHtml tools have a major bug in them.

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