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    Question Tree Help! Blank root folder?! Json is correct?

    Tree Help! Blank root folder?! Json is correct?

    I'm trying to generate a tree on my local folder.

    Here is my json code:
    // from php manual page
    function formatBytes($val, $digits = 3, $mode = "SI", $bB = "B"){ //$mode == "SI"|"IEC", $bB == "b"|"B"
       $si = array("", "K", "M", "G", "T", "P", "E", "Z", "Y");
       $iec = array("", "Ki", "Mi", "Gi", "Ti", "Pi", "Ei", "Zi", "Yi");
       switch(strtoupper($mode)) {
           case "SI" : $factor = 1000; $symbols = $si; break;
           case "IEC" : $factor = 1024; $symbols = $iec; break;
           default : $factor = 1000; $symbols = $si; break;
       switch($bB) {
           case "b" : $val *= 8; break;
           default : $bB = "B"; break;
       for($i=0;$i<count($symbols)-1 && $val>=$factor;$i++)
           $val /= $factor;
       $p = strpos($val, ".");
       if($p !== false && $p > $digits) $val = round($val);
       elseif($p !== false) $val = round($val, $digits-$p);
       return round($val, $digits) . " " . $symbols[$i] . $bB;
    Modified the end here so its my local folder by making it ./
    $dir = isset($_REQUEST['lib'])&&$_REQUEST['lib'] == 'yui' ? '../../../' : './';
    $node = isset($_REQUEST['node'])?$_REQUEST['node']:"";
    if(strpos($node, '..') !== false){
        die('Nice try buddy.');
    $nodes = array();
    $d = dir($dir.$node);
    while($f = $d->read()){
        if($f == '.' || $f == '..' || substr($f, 0, 1) == '.')continue;
        $lastmod = date('M j, Y, g:i a',filemtime($dir.$node.'/'.$f));
            $qtip = 'Type: Folder<br />Last Modified: '.$lastmod;
            $nodes[] = array('text'=>$f, 'id'=>$node.'/'.$f/*, 'qtip'=>$qtip*/, 'cls'=>'folder');
            $size = formatBytes(filesize($dir.$node.'/'.$f), 2);
            $qtip = 'Type: JavaScript File<br />Last Modified: '.$lastmod.'<br />Size: '.$size;
            $nodes[] = array('text'=>$f, 'id'=>$node.'/'.$f, 'leaf'=>true/*, 'qtip'=>$qtip, 'qtipTitle'=>$f */, 'cls'=>'file');
    echo json_encode($nodes);
    The issue is that the root folder only renders and there is no expandable tree? Here is the result of the json if I manually go to the get-nodes.php file.

    Everything looks fine to me? I'm sure this is a common problem and just hope someone can point me in the right direction?

    *UPDATE*: I've noticed in Firebug that the POST Response gets stuck with "Loading..." ???

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    devnull is an unknown quantity at this point



    if the response is getting stuck, then usually something on the server side is causing the php script to fail. i doubt it would cause problems, but i dont think you need to escape slashes.
    it might also help to include the javascript code that is responsible for doing something with this.

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