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    Default Answered: Scroll to list item on itemTap event

    Answered: Scroll to list item on itemTap event

    Hi everyone,

    I want to scroll to the selected item on a list. My problem is, the itemTap event is passing me a DataView to my Controller Action. As you know, the DataView doesn't have a "scroller" instance, nor scrolling behavior related methods. How do I get my list, and how do I get it to scroll to the selected item?

    I suppose the scroller.scrollTo method still exists in Sencha Touch 2... but if I could only get the List instead of a DataView...

    Please help!

    P.s. I'm currently using the Sencha Designer

  2. You can call dataview.getScrollable() and if that returns a Scrollable instance, call getScroller() to get the scroller. Then call scrollTo as needed.

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