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    Default Answered: Final (I hope) Carousel example question

    Answered: Final (I hope) Carousel example question

    I have the following code working properly (which, for a designer, is good progress) and I need to link to an internal image within the Carousel and load that ... let's say, image 4 of row 3.

    I can make external links such as URLs and mailto etc open fine, but how do I load (and go directly to) a specific image?

    html: [
         '<img class="my-carousel-item-img" src="', category, '-', j, '.jpg" />',
         '<div id="external_link">',
         '<a href="">Open external link</a>',
         '<div id="internal_link">',
         '<a href="????????">Load image 4 of row 3</a>',
    Thanks for any help.

  2. So basically you need to add a listener to the link and do a setActiveItem on the carousel to the appropriate item, you will also need to stop the event...

        scope : carousel,
        click  : function(e, t) {
            var target = e.getTarget('a');
            if (target) {
    Just typing from memory but something like that.

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