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    Default Answered: itemOverCls doesn't seem to be working in data view

    Answered: itemOverCls doesn't seem to be working in data view

    I'm probably missing something stupid again =P

    anyway I've been trying to get a dumbed down version of those data view examples but I'm failing to get item over classes working
    I turned on track over. So I'm kinda blind on what I'm missing.

    I think this is the relevant bit of code on the matter

    tpl: [
    '<tpl for=".">',
    '<div class= "'+ this.customClass+'" id="{id}">',
    '<div class="thumb"><img src="{url}" ></div>',
    '<span class="thumbtext">{name}</span></div>',
    multiSelect: true,
    trackOver: true,
    itemOverCls: 'x-item-over',
    itemSelector: 'div.'+ this.customClass,

    do I need a mouse over event perhaps?

  2. You're using applyIf to copy the config across. That won't copy properties that already exist of the target object. Some of those properties are specified on the superclasses. Try using apply instead, or where possible just move them onto the prototype by putting them in the define config.

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