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    Default Unanswered: My own style does not appear

    Unanswered: My own style does not appear

    Hello guys. Really glad to be here
    I'm new to the Sehcha Touch.

    I'm following this guide: Theming Sencha Touch to start in theming.
    For now I have installed Ruby, Compass and can compile my own CSS-files from SCSS-file.
    I can see the changes in my compiled CSS-file doing them in SCSS-file. Everything works fine.

    But application is still taking the original CSS-file instead of my.
    I think I need to specify an application to get my CSS-file.
    Tell my please where I can do it?

    UPD: I wonder... maybe this guide is out of date?
    I found a folder named SCSS in RESOURCES-folder.
    It contains everything I need: config.rb and app.scss.
    I can overwrite original app.css by compiling SCSS-file in this folder.
    Is this correct way of theming?
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