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    Default gxt radar chart refresh issue

    gxt radar chart refresh issue

    I'm getting some weird artifacts when redrawing a gxt radar chart. It looks like the labels are drawn on top of each other until I resize the container. Here's the code:

    onSuccess(Payload result) {
               store.clear();          store.addAll(;
    The forceLayout() command at the end helps somewhat. It's less likely to stack labels on top of each other, but it still happens.

    Note that the labels only get "stacked" when the object contains different a different number of data points (not just different values) from the previous run.

    I'll attach a screenshot.

    I'm going to try adding this to the end of the onSuccess() call:
              Scheduler.get().scheduleDeferred(new ScheduledCommand() {
                public void execute() {
    But I don't think that should be needed...
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