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    Default slider horizontal appearance issue

    slider horizontal appearance issue


    There is a variable for the int halfThumb in Slider.css, but it seems to be hardcoded in the render() and setThumbPosition() methods in the horizontalsliderbaseappearance....

    I overrode the methods in my appearance but it would be nice if these methods just referenced the int defined in the css...

      @Override  public void render(double fractionalValue, int width, int height, SafeHtmlBuilder sb) {
        if (width == -1) {
          // default
          width = 200;
        // padding
        width -= 7;
        int offset = (int) (fractionalValue * (width - 21)) - 7;
        offset = Math.max(-7, offset);
        SafeStyles offsetStyles = SafeStylesUtils.fromTrustedString("left:" + offset + "px;");
        SafeStyles widthStyle = SafeStylesUtils.fromTrustedString("");
        widthStyle = SafeStylesUtils.fromTrustedString("width: " + width + "px;");
        sb.append(template.template(, widthStyle, offsetStyles));
      public void setThumbPosition(Element parent, int pos) {
        XElement thumbElement =;
        pos = Math.max(-7, pos);
        thumbElement.getStyle().setLeft(pos, Unit.PX);

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    Thanks for pointing this out. This is something that makes a lot of sense to take another look at. I've filed a review ticket against the team and will update here with any changes that we make.

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