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    Default Answered: Ext.Grid.Panel 4.1 : horizontalScroller ?

    Answered: Ext.Grid.Panel 4.1 : horizontalScroller ?

    With 4.0.7 version i use the event horizontalScroller on Gris.Panel for keep the same visible column on second grid in according to the original...

    With version 4.1 ( the virtual scroll bar are not used ) the metod is missing...

    And now? There are a event to trace for know the scrolling of Grid?

    Thanks in advance

    Davide Braghieri

  2. Hi Sbrega,

    You can work with the scroll event on the grid view Ext.dom.Element:
    xtype: 'gridpanel',
    listeners: {
    scope: this,
    viewready: function(grid)
       var view = grid.getView();
       var el = view.getEl();
       this.mon(el,'scroll', this.onViewScroll,this);
    Then implement your onViewScroll event handler to work with this view event.


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