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    Default chart loadData() issue in the Build a Car Store example

    chart loadData() issue in the Build a Car Store example

    I modified the example to use a Controller, but the row.data.quality is undefined. Can someone tell what I am doing wrong? It looks like the quality data is not loading.

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.MyController', {
    extend: 'Ext.app.Controller',

    refs: [
    ref: 'grid',
    selector: '#grid'
    ref: 'detail',
    selector: '#detail'
    ref: 'chart',
    selector: '#chart'

    init: function(application) {
    '#grid': {
    itemclick: this.gridUpdate

    gridUpdate: function(grid, row) {
    console.log( 'gridUpdate' );

    console.log( 'row=' + row );
    console.log( 'row.data=' + row.data );
    this.getDetail().update( row.data );
    console.log( 'row.data.quality=' + row.data.quality );
    //if( !row.data.quality )
    this.getChart().store.loadData( row.data.quality );
    //view.down('#grid').onGridRowSelect( grid, row );


    This is part of the cars.json file:
    data: [{
    manufacturer: 'Porsche',
    model: '911',
    price: 135000,
    wiki: 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_997',
    img: '2004_Porsche_911_Carrera_type_997.jpg',
    quality: [{name: 'overall', rating:1}, {name: 'mechanical', rating: 4}, {name: 'powertrain', rating: 2}, {name: 'body', rating: 4},{name: 'interior', rating: 3},{name: 'accessories', rating: 2}]
    manufacturer: 'Nissan',
    model: 'GT-R',
    price: 80000,
    img: '250px-Nissan_GT-R.jpg',
    quality: [{name: 'overall', rating:2}, {name: 'mechanical', rating: 3}, {name: 'powertrain', rating: 5}, {name: 'body', rating: 4},{name: 'interior', rating: 2},{name: 'accessories', rating: 2}]
    manufacturer: 'BMW',
    model: 'M3',
    price: 60500,
    img: '250px-BMW_M3_E92.jpg',
    quality: [{name: 'overall', rating:3}, {name: 'mechanical', rating: 5}, {name: 'powertrain', rating: 3}, {name: 'body', rating: 4},{name: 'interior', rating: 5},{name: 'accessories', rating: 3}]
    manufacturer: 'Audi',
    model: 'S5',
    price: 53000,
    img: '250px-Audi_S5.jpg',
    quality: [{name: 'overall', rating:4}, {name: 'mechanical', rating: 1}, {name: 'powertrain', rating: 1}, {name: 'body', rating: 4},{name: 'interior', rating: 1},{name: 'accessories', rating: 5}]
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