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    Default setting content-type for ext.data.jsonStore

    setting content-type for ext.data.jsonStore

    have created a json with a filename jsonResponse.json and kept it on a server and accessing it in Ext.data.jsonStore as a remote json file. but i am getting an error like not well formed even if the json is perfectly valid.. i came to know one thing that i have to set the content-type for the same ajax request.. for that i used header : { "content-type" : "application/json" } but not working... then i tried header : { "Accept" : "application/json" } same error repeats.. if any idea kindly suggest..

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    Default Accept json

    Accept json

    Hy I tried it with

    headers: {
    Accept: 'application/json'

    maybe it is because you forget the "s" at header?! For me it worked

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