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    Default Packaging & Deployment Requirements

    Packaging & Deployment Requirements

    Good Morning,

    I will be completing a project over the next 12-14 months which involves building a desktop client using HTML5 - and so far the best option for achieving this that I've come across in my searches seems to be the Sencha package.

    I'm unsure if this is the correct place to post, but I have a couple of questions I was hoping the community might be able to help me out with.

    My first question is: Does Sencha require any runtime libraries to be packaged for deployment in large corporations? I'm really after this ideal situation (which may not exist) whereby I don't have to package additional libraries or deploy runtimes due to the size and user-base of the client.

    Secondly: Could anyone outline how Sencha packages HTML5 into a desktop-usable application and explain any implications this may have, I've had a quick scan through the forums but couldn't find anything of the sort (I've probably missed it!)

    I guess what I'm after is just an idea of what will need to be packaged/deployed if I build a Sencha desktop app and need to deploy it on a large scale. I really think Sencha is the technical solution I'm looking for, but I'd just like a little more clarification before I start using it.

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Adam,

    All you need to run is the ext-all.js and the css file and of course your application js code.

    See if this helps

    Bharat Nagwani
    Sencha Designer Development Team

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