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    Default Will Ext 1.0 be independent from YUI?

    Will Ext 1.0 be independent from YUI?

    The more modules you develop the more your make Ext indepentent from YUI.
    The new Ext.FX will replace YAHOO.animation, you have you own Ext.menu, ...

    Will Ext 1.0 or some version in the future completly work without YUI?
    Wolfgang Schmidetzki

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    Fx doesn't replace Animation, it actually uses Animation internally.

    Actually, very soon Ext will have base library independence. yui-ext becomes Ext will have more meaning, since it will work with (and extend) any library. For example, you can include utilities.js and ext-yui-compat.js and Ext will run on YUI. You will also be able to include jquery.js and ext-jquery-compat.js and Ext will run with jQuery.

    jQuery will be the first lib, and I'm sure quickly more compat files will pop up. It will be a defined interface for functionality provided by YUI that Ext depends on (i.e. animation, event, dom).

    The only problem child, drag and drop, will be adopted.

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