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    Default Phonegap required to access native APIs while using Sencha at UIlayer for iPhone/iPad

    Phonegap required to access native APIs while using Sencha at UIlayer for iPhone/iPad

    Without PhoneGap is it possible to access native APIs of iOS in Sencha.

    We suggested our client that we use Sencha as UI Layer, PhoneGap to fill the gap between Native features and SQLite DB to handle large amounts of data the app is to use and process. And we need to store and manage data around 2GB in the Document's Directory of app.

    Also, would it be possible to make a resume-able download mgr in sencha?

    However they want only SENCHA Touch no Phone gap.

    Is it possible and if so please mention a link to a demo. If not any links which we could forward them to make our case...

    Thanks in advance... We are short on time, please quick, short and crisp reply will really Help us.

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    As far as I can see now, the Ext.Device classes don't support such a thing yet. (http://docs.sencha.com/touch/2-0/#!/....device.Device)

    Ext.Device is compatible with Sencha Packaging and Phonegap, so I would tell your customer that it's either Phonegap or loads of work to extend Sencha Touch 2 to fill this gap (would like to see the public github repo for it though)
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    I guess this presentation answers this question.
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