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    Default Barcalys Bike Hire demo web app

    Barcalys Bike Hire demo web app

    Hi All,

    A quick and dirty demo for a Barclays bike hire / boris bikes web app, using sencha touch

    Really designed for usage in London (if you live outside London will have to simulate location in London, with the iphone / android simulators for geolocation).
    • Displays list of docking stations, upon tapping item shows location on map and clicking on marker shows infowindow with number of available bikes, docking stations etc etc.
    • Gets location of user and displays nearby docking stations (again if outside London, please simulate as above).
    • A map showing all the docking station locations in London.
    Not very well designed, but more a learning exercise with navigation views, google maps and sencha touch 2.

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