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    Default Grid panel GroupingSummary and feature Summary and SenchaArchitect

    Grid panel GroupingSummary and feature Summary and SenchaArchitect


    I am trying to put a groupingsummary feature in a grid together with a summary feature. The idea is to have a summary row when using grouping, and at the bottom a summary row with total for the grid.

    Totals and subtotals for each group. Using ExtJS4 and Sencha Architect.

    There is a similar example, http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/ext-4.1...mary-grid.html but I would like to have the total at the bottom too.

    I did the following:
    1. Added a groupingfeature.
    2. Added a summaryfeature
    If I don't have a summaryfeature I am not able to edit summaryType and summaryRenderer even if I have a groupingsummary feature.

    Also, the summaryfeature appears after the groupingfeature if I have both in the grid, but If I only have the groupingfeature (with no grouping) I don't have a total summary row.

    I have modified the CarListings example from Sencha to include the groupingfeature and show that is not working correctly. Maybe I am doing something wrong. It seems like the order for the features is important.

    The code is attached.

    Moreover, I have made a video that can be open using Firefox (or VLC) to show that is not working properly:


    Thanks in advance.
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