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    Default Workspace Question

    Workspace Question

    I would like to have an ext app and a touch app within a single workspace. I generated the workspace with:

    $ sencha -sdk path/to/ext4.1.1a generate workspace path/toworkspace

    This generated:

    I can then generate an ext app, but not a touch app.
    I have tried to generate the touch app like so:

    $ sencha -sdk path/to/touch2.0.1.1 generate app path/totouchapp

    I get an error:
    "Failed to determine framework name. Please ensure this command was issued from either a framework or application directory"

    So, I also tried to generate the touch app by cd'ing to my touch2.0.1.1 sdk, but that did not work either.

    What am I doing incorrectly?
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