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    Default Validation is not working on Auto validate

    Validation is not working on Auto validate

    - set TextArea component autovalidate to true.
    - set max length to 10 for example
    - start application, start type in component - it does not validate, it validates only when blur event occures
    - the problem is in following - new component value is set to component only on blur event, all other time it validates old value

    Maybe anyone has some workaround?

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    I haven't tested this exact use case (TextArea with MaxLengthValidator), but I have at least one case that is working with both a) validation and b) auto-validate: has a TextField with a RegexValidator, written like this:

        symbol = new TextField();
        symbol.addValidator(new RegExValidator("[^a-z]+", "Only uppercase letters allowed"));
    The regex is a little confused - it only checks that there is at least one non-lower case letter in the field - but this can still be used to test. Empty out the Symbol field, and type just the letter a. This will cause a validation error to occur, and adding any capital letter (or any number, or punctuation, etc) will cause the error to disappear. You do need to wait for a moment to allow it to appear, but it isn't required to blur.

    There is no special handling for RegExValidator that doesn't happen for the MaxLengthValidator as well - can you post a test case of this bug that implements EntryPoint, and details of a particular browser?

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