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    Question Answered: Invalid regular expression - I dont get it

    Answered: Invalid regular expression - I dont get it


    I have a problem using regular expressions for validating text fields in gxt (2.2.5).

    Using this code:
    this.dialog.getMyTextField().setRegex( "[0-9]{1,3}\\°( )?+[0-9]{1,2}(\\,[0-9]{1,6})?\\'" );
    this.dialog.getMyTextField().getMessages().setRegexText( "<GG° MM,mmmmmm'>" );
    this.dialog.getMyTextField().setAutoValidate( true );
    I get following exception:
    SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /[0-9]{1,3}\°( )?+[0-9]{1,2}(\,[0-9]{1,6})?\'/: Nothing to repeat

    But in plain Java-Regex it works fine.
    Any ideas, whats wrong with my expression? What do I have to change to make it work in GXT/JavaScript?

    Thanks in advance,

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