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    Default Unanswered: List CSS Changed :: 2.0.1 -> 2.1.0

    Unanswered: List CSS Changed :: 2.0.1 -> 2.1.0

    All my custom CSSfor my lists which worked in the 2.0.1 DO NOT WORK any more in the new version 2.1.0 !!!

    All the structure of List has been changed deeply !

    In the 2.0.1 for a NestedList

    <div class="x-container tag-list x-nested-list x-layout-fit-item" id="tagit_list">
    and in 2.1.0

    <div class="x-container tag-list x-layout-fit-item x-sized" id="tagit_list">
    ...and this is just for the "starting definition of the List ;-)

    And i can not find the "itemCls" in the page !!
    list = Ext.create('Ext.dataview.NestedList', {
                    id : 'tagit_list',
                    title : 'Tag-it!',
                    baseCls : 'tag-list', // NEVER USED !!!!
                    itemCls : 'tag-list-item'// CAN NOT FIND IT IN MY HTML CODE (using chrome console)
                    displayField : 'name',
                    getItemTextTpl : TagItemTemplate.getTemplate,            
                    masked : false,            
                    toolbar : {
                        docked : 'top',
                        xtype : 'titlebar',
                        ui : 'black',
                        inline : true
    And for items we have :

    For the first item :
    x-container x-list-item x-stretched x-list-item-first x-list-header-wrap
    And the others :
    x-container x-list-item x-stretched
    Has you can see, the "baseCls" nor "itemCls" are never used !
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