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    Default Answered: How to disable an option in Ext.field.Select?

    Answered: How to disable an option in Ext.field.Select?

    Hi there,

    I have the following construct to create a select:

        renderTo: Ext.get("displaySizes"),
        xtype: 'selectfield',
        label: item.label,
        options: [
                disabled: true //<- does not work
                text: "36"
                value: "1235"
                disabled: false
                text: "40"
                value: "1234"
    where I want to disable some options to show the user that they are there, but are not selectable.

    Just as it would work using html:

    HTML Code:
      <option value="1235" disabled="disabled">36</option>
      <option value="1234">40</option>
    Anyone able to help me out?


  2. You would need to add some select listeners to the list or slots with order before and return false. You would also have to style an option that is disabled.

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