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    Default Answered: How to render an image dynamically?

    Answered: How to render an image dynamically?

    Hello everyone,

    I need to re-render an image (Ext.Image) after some events.
    I found `doComponentLayout` function but it didn't work for me unfortunately.

    How can I re-render an image which is an item of form?

    Thanks in advance..
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by talha06 View Post
    I mean refreshing the image on demand after its first render
    I'm still pretty unclear what the question is here. For example, you might mean...
    1. Load a different image URL.
    2. Reload the same image URL but a different image.
    3. Resize the image component.

    To load a new image just use setSrc. To reload the same image the easiest way is to append a dummy parameter onto the URL.

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