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    Default Unanswered: ExtJs 4.1 Charts Y Axis Value Display Issue

    Unanswered: ExtJs 4.1 Charts Y Axis Value Display Issue

    I am using ExtJs 4.1 . I have defined a ExtJs Chart Y axis as follows:
    axes: [
            type: 'Numeric',
            minimum: 0,
            position: 'left',
            fields: ['count'],
            title: 'Count',
            label: {
                renderer: function(v){
                    // return a value only if it is an integer
                        return v;
                        // return empty string, so as not to have "undefined" return'';
                font: '9pxArial'

    The problem is sometimes when the Y axis range is between 1 to 5 , Y axis values are not shown except 0 (which is the minium in this case). However when the Y axis value upper range is greater than 10 then the chart behaves correctly.

    The requirement is such that Y axis values can be in the range of as small as 1-5 or could be in the range of 1-9999 .

    Can someone guide me what could be the possible reason for this weird behaviour and what is the solution for this ?

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