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    Default Answered: On Logout revert back to Viewport

    Answered: On Logout revert back to Viewport


    In my app i had a logout button. I want when a user tap on it, user must be redirect to viewport.

    In my app.js i had used
    launch: function() {

    For logout i had use below code in view
    xtype: 'button',
    docked: 'bottom',
    ui: 'decline',
    style: 'border-radius:0',
    text: 'Logout',
    action: 'logoutuser'

    and a logout function in my controller
    logout: function() {
    console.log('User will Logout');
    //What should i add here which will reload my vieport again

    I am getting console.log message successfully. Please tell me which method will take me to viewport again.


  2. Hmm...this is strange.
    What version of Sencha Touch are you using?

    I created a quick SenchaFiddle to simulate your app structure. Maybe you can have a look at this and compare it to your code. I hope my example does exactly this what you want to achieve? It definitely works
    Here's the link:

    Best regards,

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