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    Default Make Flex Plot Chart items toggle

    Make Flex Plot Chart items toggle


    I made an application for generating a plot chart based on previously calculated data (X,Y). After plotting the data on the chart, I tried to make the items (dots) to show a label (through addChild an external custom label component) when a user click on the dots (for example: if a user click on a chart item, the corresponding ID number will show beside the dot).

    Although everything works fine, I can't make the items toggled (for example: if a dot is already clicked and label ID is visible, on next click on the same dot I want to hide (removeChild) the label component which correspond to that item)...

    I tried almost everything, but with no success... How to solve this problem? In addition I attached a simple example explaining the problem, so a new example or even extension of the attached one will be of great help for me...

    Thanks in advance,
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