As I noted elsewhere, we are launching a Risk Management Software implementation of our application with Brett Knowles, a world recognized thought leader in the area.

Developing his Risk Scorecard was actually pretty easy with Ext JS 4.1 due to the work we had done developing Heat Maps.

Getting the Risk Scatter Diagram right was another question. It required quite a bit of suppression of the native functionality in the Ext JS 4.1 widget.

I've posted the emails that went back and forth as a single comment and reply dialog at
Risk Managment Software Scatter Charts Development Discussion

if any of you guys are doing implementations of Scatter Charts, the dialog may be helpful in sorting out what "management" is looking for.

We are working our way through the implementation of all of the Ext JS 4.1 chart widgets and remain convinced that this is absolutely the best javascript framework for writing state of the art dashboard software!