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    Default Answered: Serialize tree

    Answered: Serialize tree

    What is the recommended way to serialize a tree respectively treestore into json, so one can save the whole tree at once in localstorage, for example?

    I guess the resulting json should look like this to be able to re-use it directly:
    root: {text: 'root', children: [
        {text: 'leaf1'},
        {text: 'leaf2', children: [
            {}, ...
    This might seem obvious, but I can't find the answer from the docs or previous posts. Isn't there anything built-in? I have created my own iteration function, but I can't imagine such a common task has to be re-built every time someone needs that...?


  2. Hopefully, tree nodes will get the serialize method in 4.2

    I have added it, just needs review and QA