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    Default Unanswered: A problem of specifying two or more methods of a PHP class on a server from a store

    Unanswered: A problem of specifying two or more methods of a PHP class on a server from a store

    Hi friends,
    Could anyone help me what can I here:
    1. I have one store specifies proxy(type=ajax) and its url (both (server) controller and its method(function))
    2. And through this url I am specifying (PHP) controller method which loads data from database to display in the grid
    3. Now I have a form that should insert(not working) some related data (in grid) into database
    4. I have got my code snippets like this:
    This code from the client controller->
     addAssignment: function(button){        if(this.getForm().getForm().isValid()){
            var win = button.up('window'),
            form = win.down('form');
            var values = form.getValues();
            //here we are in need of the a model instance of the current one
           // grid.store.insert(0, values);
            this.getUserlogStore().insert(0, values);
    This code from the store:
     proxy: {      type: 'ajax',
         url: Server.getUrl('Module.network.userlog','trafficLog'),
          reader: {
          type: 'json',
          root: 'trafficlog',
              exception: Server.createReaderExceptionCallback()
        //here we have to specify writer for for record writing
          writer: {
                type: 'json',
                //find what root does 
                // url: Server.getUrl('Module.network.userlog','addUserTrafficLog'),
                root: 'logupdate',
                listeners: {
                    exception: Server.createFormFailureCallback()
    This code from the server controller->
        class UserlogController extends ModuleApp{
            public function actionTrafficLog (){
                //this command variable stores values using dbCommand of the parent controller by this  
                $command = $this->dbCommand();//here you ing see that we using moduleApp as a  base controller 
                ))->from('user_traffic_log ut')
                  ->where('is_deleted = false');
                  $this->applySort($command, 'id DESC');
                  $trafficlog = $command->queryAll();
                  //this result method of the Controller specifies data send to the client 
            //from here on we should we would like to craete an action that serves as method for retrieving data from database 
            //for traffic log info 
            public function actionAddUserTrafficLog(){
                $json = file_get_contents('php://input');
                $data = CJSON::decode($json);
                //$data = $_POST;
                $command = $this->dbCommand();
                //keep inmind that calling a insert function of the dbCommand, we should specify table name as a first parameter 
                // and as a second paramter colums or array values 
                $result = $command->insert('user_traffic_log', array(
               // $logupdate = $command->queryAll();
    Thank you in advance

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    Two easy ways:

    Easiest with what you have: Use the proxy's api config to specify the endpoints that should be used for CRUD operations.

    Less easy, but more elegant (IMO): Use the Rest proxy. It will auto generate endpoints and HTTP verbs based on the particular CRUD action.

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