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    Default Can I prefix the relative path?

    Can I prefix the relative path?

    I am just using a default project with one window for testing but I am trying to use ExtJS with a python micro framework for a simple app. However you have to put your static files in /static and your templates in /templates.

    So when I deploy my project from Sencha Architect the html is loading the project via /app.js. That's not a big deal I can manually change that to /static/app.js. However then all of the other JS files need to load and their paths are all missing the /static prefix which I need to add.

    Is this possible to set?

    Thank you,


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    In development this sort of thing comes up all the time.

    You can try changing the loader paths config

    add a Loader to your Application
    edit the paths config

        "MyApp": "static/app"
    If you've change your application name (recommended) then change MyApp to whatever that is.

    Please note that when deploying to staging or anything beyond dev environment we recommend using Sencha Cmd to build your source into a single file.
    Phil Strong
    Sencha Architect Development Team

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