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    Default Unanswered: Deploying Sencha Android App

    Unanswered: Deploying Sencha Android App

    Hello All,

    I've been working with Sencha Touch for about 2.5 months. I've built several apps to date and began working with Sencha as a way to compare against Flex AIR apps that I've been building for a year or so. I have a ST app for Android that I developed this week. It works well in Safari and I decided to put it on my Galaxy S3. Through trial and error I installed Ruby, Compass and Ant. I used Flex to generate the .APK file. Today I did a native build with the Sencha App Build Native command. All looked good. I connected my phone to the laptop and did a second build expecting the app to appear on the phone. No such luck. With a little more research I see that PhoneGap is probably my next step in this process. This brings me to my question and I will thank one and all in advance for your help. Is PhoneGap a prerequisite to getting my app onto my phone or am I making things to complex. It wouldn't be the first time. I did download PhoneGap and I see that you access it via Eclipse. Is this the right approach and if not what do you suggest?



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    I dont have too much experience of app development. But here is what I know. PhoneGap (now called Cordova) allows you to wrap your Sencha Touch (or other HTML5/JS) application into native packages for Android, iOS etc. If you are developing for Android, you have to use Eclipse IDE and when you build, a .apk file is generated. If your phone is connected and in "Debug and Development mode", then it will also install and run the app on your phone. However, this is more for debugging.

    If you just want to install your app on your phone, all you need is the .apk package file. You say you have already generated it. Then just copy that file to your phone and when you run it on your phone (by clicking on the .apk file), it will install the app. For this, you dont need PhoneGap (if you have generated the .apk file using some other way).

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