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    Default Answered: Making simple css changes without implementing Appearance

    Answered: Making simple css changes without implementing Appearance

    I was hoping to layout my application using uibinders and then hand things off to a css person to make some small tweaks. I was planning on adding a styleName to all the things that will need css tweaks, so the css person would just fill in css for the corresponding css classes.
    But it appears that when I set the styleName, it wipes out all the styles from the theme appearances. I just want to add my own styleName. There used to be a addStyleName, but it is no longer available in 3.0.1

    I feel that having to implement Appearance for everying is overkill for what I need to do. And I have to expend considerable java resources to do it.

    Am I missing how I can make small css changes?

  2. Instead of setStyleName(String), which replaces the css classes as you've noted, use addStyleName(String). This will append to the existing set of classes.

    Element also has addClassName(String), for the same basic feature.

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